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This is the last step you'll take alone. 

Wounded Healer is a sanctuary to feel and heal. This space is designed and facilitated by Death Doula & Grief Minister, Ingrid Ollquist. Wounded Healer serves as the light you seek amongst the darkness. It's essence allows you to be seen and comforted along an unplanned journey. Wounded Healer provides grief counseling, EOL support, written word and compassion.

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are currently navigating a loss, facing a new diagnosis, or preparing for your final moments, you might be uncertain about how to access the support you truly need. You're not seeking platitudes or a forced 'bright side.' Instead, you're looking for a safe and nurturing space where you can be entirely seen and accepted for exactly where you are in your journey.

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Ingrid Ollquist, Death Doula & Grief Minister

Ingrid Ollquist (she/her) is a compassionate certified death doula, grief counselor, and non-denominational minister. With a deep understanding of grief and personal loss, Ingrid provides dedicated support and guidance for those navigating the complexities of grief and end-of-life journeys. As a co-founder of the Death Doula Formation Collective, a private digital death doula collective, she is committed to educating, coaching, and empowering fellow death doulas and death care workers on their respective paths. 

The Process

Initial consultation
Custom Offering
A supported journey

During the initial consultation, we will engage in a compassionate conversation to understand your unique needs, concerns, and emotional state. This step allows us to build a strong foundation for our therapeutic relationship and enables us to gain valuable insights into your personal journey through grief or EOL.

Based on our initial consultation, we will create a tailored and comprehensive counseling OR EOL plan. This customized offering is designed to address your specific emotional, physical, and spiritual needs, ensuring that you receive the most effective and personalized support throughout the counseling process or EOL planning.

Whether navigating grief or seeking compassionate end-of-life care, I provide unwavering support, understanding, and holistic empowerment for a dignified and peaceful transition. Throughout these significant chapters, I offer compassionate guidance every step of the way.

"Loss has no measure, no end. But within its deepest sorrow, we can find the seeds of our strength and resilience, waiting to bloom into a new dawn of understanding and growth." 

- Maya Angelou

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