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My Love, You Are Allowed to Grieve

My love, you are allowed to grieve.

You are deserving of taking the time to nurture your own heart, to pay homage to your own unique journey, and to allow yourself to fully experience the richness of your human emotion.

The truth is, your grief is an essential part of your journey here on earth. It is through this grief that you will grow into the truest form of you.

I implore you to take the time to process your grief, to welcome the full spectrum of emotions that may come. There is no need to shy away from what makes you human.

Most of all, know that you are worthy of peace. You are deserving of carving out moments in your day to simply be, to inhale deeply, and to be present in the moment. Allow yourself to bask in the tranquility that is rightfully yours.

So, my love, breathe in the beauty that surrounds you. Release those judgments and expectations that may be weighing on you. Know that you are deserving of every ounce of love, compassion, and healing that your journey has to offer.

May you continue to find the strength and courage to honor your own heart, to nurture your own soul, and to always approach yourself with grace, patience, and kindness.

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